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A few things to consider...

What is the overall purpose?

Who is your auidence?

How do you want the viewer to feel?

What do you want the viewer to think?

Who are you trying to target?


Is a call to action suitable?

Developing the concept

This is where we start by defining the goals and objectives of the video. Essentially asking, what is the overall purpose?


We consider who your audience is going to be and therefore who you're trying to target. For example, is it an internal video that is meant to influence staff, or are you hosting a niche event meaning that you want to attract a certain demographic?


Once we know what we want to achieve and who to target to be successful. We think about the core message – how do you want the viewer to feel? and what do you want them to think? This is what will impact a viewer - the visuals will impact them short-term, but the emotion felt whilst watching will stick long term. This could be as simple as thinking an event looked exciting, or a message much deeper.


Lastly, we contemplate  whether an immediate call to action is appropriate - download now, book now? Or would the soft marketing approach of simple branding be more suitable?



This might seem a little daunting at first, but trust us it isn’t. We’re here to help every step of the way. Similarly, don’t worry if this seems like overkill, shoots vary massively in terms of complexity and pre-production, often we can receive a call and be shooting that same day!

So, we've designed your video idea into something awesome. What comes next?

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