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We believe in the modern age that one size doesn't actually fit all...

Depending on who you established you’re wanting to reach and what for, you’re going to want to reach them in different ways. This is because what performs well on one platform will not necessarily do so on another. These variables mean that there are different ways to optimise your videos depending on where you’re posting them. This mainly concerns the length of time of the video, but it is also worth mentioning that the aspect ratio, the orientation, the resolution, the option to include subtitles & many more variables have a big impact.

Modern Video Production

Thats why we offer the option to get optimised versions of your video for each sharing platform. These differ for every video but a general guideline on what to expect is as follows:



A video on your website has minimal limitations. Those that are viewing it are doing so because they are choosing to watch that specific video. This means that they have a very high degree of interest in that particular bit of content and other variable factors are much less influential.



Much like videos on your website, videos on Youtube provide viewers with prior context like the title and video length meaning there are less constraints as you're not fighting to 'beat the scroll' in viewers' newsfeeds. Recent trends also show that viewers are opting to watch content that is lengthier.



Instagram is the most aesthetically driven social media and its users respond the best to videos that demand the most amount of screen real estate. Basically, they want your video to take up a large part of their screen and considering Instagram doesn't allow for horizontal flipping, this means portrait. We can optimise your video into this aspect ratio and ensure that it cuts below Instagrams 1 minute video cap.



Unless the content provides a more complex story in which long-form video is more suitable, Twitter users react better to quick content. Therefore as a general rule, we optimise your video for Twitter by reducing it to something shorter and snappier, usually between 30s-60s.



Statistics show that Facebook users react better to square videos - they receive more likes, shares, clicks and view-time. They also show that a large majority of Facebook videos are watched muted, meaning we can help optimise your video by emphasising captions or even subtitling if it is suitable.



Similarly to Facebook & Twitter, we recommend optimising your Linkedin video to still be effective at conveying the message without sound. 

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