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Mish:Mash Events Case Study

Mish:Mash are a Newcastle based events company that put on a wide range of parties across the city.

Prior to our relationship with Mish:Mash, they struggled to find a reliable company that would offer a consistent level of quality capturing their multiple unique events. Mish:Mash came to us and asked if we could help.

We put together a plan to capture each of their events in way that reflected them individually but also had a common style that would be recognised throughout. We focused on our modern fast-paced editing style to really make the company stand out. This saw us produce video content for a vast array of different style events all complete with their own challenges and different target audiences.

Block Party

One of the first events we tackled was the well loved Block Party. Mish:Mash describe Block Party as a fun and lively mix of house, disco & tech-house, regularly pulling in big names for guest DJ performances. We used camera trickery, lively music and fast-exciting editing to appeal to their younger target audience.

The Power

Mish:Mash describe The Power as a night of fist-pumping air-grabbing madness, and we think that sums it up pretty well. We helped convey the fun-fuelled organised chaos through quick music changes and snappy editing. 


Sold as a Motown and soul music feast, Motoon mixes classics with modern day groovers. We helped showcase the smooth sounds of soul before bringing up the tempo to show the excitement of the high-energy event.


Concept10 required a unique film and editing style. The event prides itself on being modest, underground & subtle. Rather than flashy well-lit scenes, we conveyed the grungy atmosphere via tasteful special effects and under-exposed shots, focusing on the movement of the crowd rather than the individuals attending.

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