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National Rail Case Study is a train ticketing platform that services the whole of the UK, specialising in the provision of split-ticketing and advance fairs.

After producing hundreds of popular articles and dominating the rail magazine sector for years, came to us with an issue. They understood that the landscape had shifted and the importance of video and digital content had become more important than ever. Still, their quirky magazine series that detailed fun and interesting places to visit via rail had been popular with their audience and this was something they wanted to somehow incorporate into videos.

Our idea of putting together a mini-series hosted by passionate presenter Alex Nelson gave the opportunity to show a more informal, fun side to the company. The mini-series would see us visit towns and cities accessible by rail showcasing what they had to offer. This has been a breath of fresh air to the rail community and the informative easy-to-watch approach we have taken with the videos has proved very appealing to viewers.

As well as the mini-series, we have supplied with how-to style explainer videos, commemorative rail event celebration videos and even a mini biography for founder and owner Alex Nelson.

Episode 1 - The M&S Trail in Leeds

The first episode saw us travel to Leeds to follow the Marks & Spencers heritage trail. The trail saw us commute from the old stall in Kirkgate market to the M&S archive exhibition, viewing the sights of Leeds through an M&S perspective. Here viewers got an insight into the pace and style of the mini series.

Episode 2 - Visit Rochdale

Episode 2 was a very popular addition, seeing us visit the town of Rochdale and its many attractions. Complete with an interview with the curator of Rochdale's firefighting museum, the video showed Alex narrating over some great footage of the towns places of interest.

Alex Nelson Mini-bio

This mini-biography saw us introduce the series' presenter presenter and narrator, Alex Nelson.

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